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Reading the thoughts of others has always been a popular form of entertainment.



The effect here described, if properly presented, will convince any audience that you are possessed of clairvoyant faculties.
Sit at a table in front of the audience, and give your assistant a small paper box, about ten pencils, and ten small paper pads. Than say, "My assistant will now distribute paper and pencils. Whoever receives them will kindly write a five-or six-word question pertaining to love, marriage, travel, or any other important question you desire answered. Please sign your initials to your question. Without reading your questions, I shall endeavor not only to receive your questions mentally, but to answer them as well!"
Assistant then hands out pads, and after questions are written, he collects them and visibly throws each into a box after folding the papers into small packets. If desired, spectators may fold their own papers, before handing them back:
Assistant tucks in the top flaps of the box, returns to the stage, then opens the box and empties all the questions into a glass bowl standing on the table. Performer then lights a match and burns all the questions in the bowl. He then says, "Will all who wrote questions please concentrate on them. Forget about everything else but the question. Unless this is done, I cannot receive your thoughts." After a pause, during which the performer appears to be in deep concentration, he says, "I get the impression of N.H. Will you please stand up." When the "victim" stands, the performer tells him his question, and proceed to answer it. This is repeated successfully with several other questions!

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Mind Reading Deluxe

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"Mind Reading Deluxe".
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Mind Reading Deluxe
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