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"Magic Eye Scanner 1" — is a great app, with the help of which you can easily amaze anyone and draw that person‘s attention.

Mobile Phone From Wallet

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The Drunken Bottle Trick

Place the bottle anywhere on the table and hold it slightly tilted.
Continue tilting it further… Then release the bottle. The bottle stands still in an unusual position.
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Card Trough Banknote Trick

Any playing card, or business card appears to go through a paper banknote. The money remains undamaged.
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A Strong Bill

Have someone hold the pencil very tightly by the ends. Take the bill...
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The Self Folding Bill

The bill folds itself one way and then the other until it has folded itself up completely!
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Magical Instant Appearance of a Rabbit

A rabbit appears in the empty box.
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Mind Reading Deluxe

Reading the thoughts of others has always been a popular form of entertainment.
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The Red and Black Mystery

Performer steps forward with a pack of cards in its case and a small magnet. He hands the cards to a spectator for a shuffling.
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Originally written in 1931 by Theodore Annemann as 101 Methods of Forcing, this book was rewritten by the author two years later.
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Magician's Levitation

No Threads
No Wires
No Magnets

Levitate any playing card, paper money or even a borrowed credit card!
Hands are shown empty before and after the levitation!

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Magical Music for Your Show

This book will be helpful to all those who use music recording in various arts.
The information contained in this book will be helpful to performers working in various genres, stage and circus directors, theatre and circus groups, dancers and dancing groups, sportsmen who use musical tracks in performances and their coaches, choreographers, those who work with audio tracks in radio, TV and cinema, as well as all those who want to control the creative process of composing musical tracks.

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Mental Mysteries

The Cabinet of Mental Mysteries.
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Anyone who performs mental feats of magic needs this book, in their library.
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Mental Magic

"Mind Reading Deluxe".

Modern Coin Magic

"Amazing Coin Trick".


Get Rich Quick

The coins appear in the palm of your hand out of thin air!

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Cigarettes Production

Produce an endless stream of cigarettes from yours hand!

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